Why Kevin Hart Isn’t Hosting This Year’s Oscars

Why Oscars will hold without a host


Comedian Kevin Hart had initially been announced as host of the event this year but when old tweets surfaced online, organizers resulted in tendering apologies before Hart could step down from the role. It was definitely to protect the ratings which was surprisingly bolstered despite being without a host last year.

ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke stated that the event will go forward again without a host. He announced this on Wednesday in a presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour. Burke said the decision to repeat “what worked for us last year” was made in concert with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The 2019 ceremony was the first Oscars without a host since 1989.The 2019 Oscars ceremony had a cloud of uncertainty around it leading up to the announcement it would go forward without a host.Whether related to the controversy or the host-free approach, at the end of the day, Oscar ratings improved. Last year’s ceremony rose 12% to 29.6 million viewers, up from an all-time low the year prior.

Critically, the ceremony was also deemed a successful experiment.The Oscars will air February 9 on ABC.


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